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Mimaki JV34-260

State-of-the art inkjet technology makes enchanced high quality and high speed performance a reality.

JV34-260 print up to 300 Sqft/an Hour, it is 70% faster than JV33-260.

Introducing an affordable, high performance, multifunction, solvent inkjet printer, eco-solvent printer, and dye sublimation printer – Mimaki JV34 Series.

Overcoming the previously headl misconceptions about Sovlent Inkjet Printer from Roland and Mutoh, Mimaki JV34 Series has achieved enormous popularity ever since its release. Following in the footsteps of this revolutionary machine, the Mimaki JV34 series was created. In addition to various enhancements which bring out a high quality print of 1440 dpi, the new Mimaki JV34 ereies has increase print speed. With it’s compact design, and affordable price, the Mimaki JV34 series is a top choice for any shop. Mimaki’s flagship product has established high standards which set it apart from the competitions like Roland, Mutoh and HP.

Mimaki JV34-260 can use Solvent Ink (SS21 ink) and Dye sublimation ink.

Additionly, Mimaki JV34-260 can use Mimaki Bulk Ink System to improve the operation performance, lower ink costs. Mimaki Bulk ink system is an eco-friendly ink system that produces less waste while achiving continuous printing.

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