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Epson 9880


8-channel Print Head with Ink Repelling Coating Technology

  • Print head design capable of handling eight separate ink channels
  • 1-inch wide high-performance print head with 180 nozzles per channel
  • All-new ink repelling coating to dramatically reduce nozzle clogging

Epson AccuPhoto HD Screening Technology

  • Radical screening algorithm resulting in prints with superior color and clarity
  • Maximum resolution of 2880 x1440 dpi for incredibly sharp text and line art
  • Extremely accurate fine blends and photographic transitions

Variable-sized Droplet with AMC Technology

  • Produces variable-sized droplets as small as 3.5 picoliters to greatly decrease print times while optimizing photographic quality
  • Enhanced Active Meniscus Control (AMC) technology precisely controls the curvature of every ink droplet within each nozzle before releasing it onto the media. The result is extremely sharp and accurate placement of ink droplets for outstanding photographic print quality

Epson PreciseColorTM Manufacturing

In order to ensure consistent printing between multiple Stylus Pro printers of the same model, Epson has enhanced the manufacturing process to include colorimetric calibration. Eliminating the need for internal calibration devices, this system evaluates and adjusts each printer’s performance at the manufacturing stage, producing consistent color output from printer to printer.

Automatic Print Head Alignment Technology

  • Built-in sensor reads printed data for highly precise alignment of all color channels
  • Aligns both single and bi-directional print modes

Automatic Nozzle Check Technology

  • Built-in sensor reads nozzle check pattern and automatically cleans print head if required – even partially clogged nozzles