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Epson 7600

Epson7600Used Epson 7600 Machines for sale!

The Epson Stylus Pro 7600 is an amazingly accurate print engine, outputting up to 24″ wide! Color brilliance and consistency is a must in the fine art industry, and the 7600 printer has both.

For years inkjet printers have fallen short when it came to longevity of their prints. Artists and photographers were excited about the possibilites giclee printing had to offer, including new surfaces and in-house control. However, the excitement faded when it became apparent that the prints would fade in a few years. Alterative pigmented inks gave the desired archivability, but lacked in brilliance and color gamut.

Epson has revolutionalized the giclee industry with the introduction of their UltraChrome inkset. Achieving both an intense color gamut and the longevity of pigments, this printer and ink combination is ideal.

Perhaps the most desirable attribute of the Epson print engines is the color consistency. Other competitive inkjet manufacturers use a thermal head to heat up the ink thus causing it to spray. Thermal heads can’t reach the consistency of an Epson, and therefore aren’t SWAP certified, like the Epson printers.