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Hewitt Packard

Triple Tech Imaging is an authorized reseller of HP Products.


HP DesignJet L26500 61in Latex 61″ Printer

Unrivaled versatility from one printing system
• Produce outdoor signage with durability comparable to eco-solvent inks.
• Achieve high-quality results—that meet clients’ branding requirements—for all your indoor signage applications, from exhibition graphics to interior decorations.
• Print on a wide range of media, including coated media or polyester fabric and low-cost papers without treatments.
• Produce vehicle wraps with HP Latex Inks that outperform eco-solvent inks.

Easy, automatic, low maintenance printing
• Experience easy, unattended printing with HP Thermal Inkjet printheads and automatic maintenance.
• Experience greater uptime—with user-replaceable printheads you can avoid the delay and expense of a service call.
• Automatically achieve high image quality and consistency with the HP Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) and embedded spectrophotometer.
• Post-print production is easy with prints that come off the printer dry and ready—for lamination, packaging, shipping, and display.

Go green, improve your operator’s work environment
• Provide your print operators with an improved working environment—without the health and safety considerations of printshops that use eco-solvent-based printers.
• Build a competitive edge with odorless prints that allow placement in Point-of-Purchase areas where odor is a concern.
• This HP Designjet meets strict energy efficiency guidelines and helps keep costs down without the need for an external dryer or special ventilation equipment.
• Distinguish your business and attract new environmentally focused customers by offering a complete solution—including water-based HP Latex Inks and HP recyclable media—that helps reduce the impact of printing on the environment.


HP Designjet L28500 Latex Printer 104″

The 104 inch media width HP Designjet L28500 Latex printer can meet a wider range of customer needs with high quality, outdoor and indoor applications. The HP L28500 produceshigh impact POP displays, soft signage, bus shelters, vehicle graphics, and more.
Print Width: 104″
Ink Type: Latex
Print Durability: Outdoor
Rigid Material: No

Key Benefits

  • Print on a broad range of materials, including vinyl, fabrics, paper, film, and low-cost uncoated options.
  • Seize your share of the growing soft signage market with the ability to print on a broader range of fabrics.
  • Create vivid indoor and outdoor applications outdoor signage offers better durability than eco-solvent inks.
  • Print up to 70% faster with extremely short time to delivery.
  • Produce double-sided prints with automated registration across sides that move immediately to finishing.
  • Increase uptime with automatic, reliable, low maintenance printing and remote management.
  • Attract environmentally conscious customers using HP Latex Inks and recyclable HP printing materials.
  • Improve the work environment – no special ventilation, no hazard warning label-unlike most eco-solvent inks.