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HP 1055 Printer


HP 1055CM Designjet Features:

HP Jetexpress technology featuring HP 80 ink supplies combines smart printing with wide printheads for fast, high-quality, unattended printing.

The hp designjet 1055cm printer prints a D-size engineering drawing in 45 seconds. It combines fast, production speed printing with powerful processing and communication for quick turnaround and high-volume capacity.

The hp designjet 1055cm plus printer creates crisp, sharp lines and text at up to 1200 dpi. It quickly prints high-quality, professional images that can make the difference between losing and attracting business.

Long-life, self-cleaning printheads and high-capacity ink cartridges, plus a built-in 2GB hard drive and job management capabilities such as queuing, nesting, and multiple copies minimize user intervention for efficient, unattended printing.

Long, 300-foot input rolls and integrated multi-roll feeder and take-up reel options provide maximum media flexibility and support for longer print runs.