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HP DesignJet Z3100 24-inch


Used HP 24″ Large Format Printers for sale!

Print exquisite results with breakthrough color accuracy and consistency with the HP Designjet Z3100 24-inch 12-ink Photo Printer. Revolutionizing the large format market with breakthrough innovations and leading-edge quality, the HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer 12-ink printing system with HP Vivera pigment inks delivers exquisite, lasting color & black-and-white prints and a broad color gamut.

Produce accurate, consistent, and stable prepress contract proofs with the HP Designjet Z3100 Photo Printer. HP’s 12-ink printing system involves six HP 70 Printheads, each printing two colors of ink with 1,056 nozzles per color.

The Designjet Z3100 has a easy to use interface on its front panel. The first printer ever to include an embedded spectrophotometer with i1 color technology, you’re ensured breakthrough accuracy & consistency across a variety of papers, without additional costs. All this, and you can count on HP for easy, reliable printing.

Key Features

HP delivers a breakthrough in color accuracy and management with the first-ever spectrophotometer with i1 color technology–hardware/firmware solution–embedded in the printer. Generate custom ICC profiles in-house for your preferred paper under your own environmental conditions with an automated process. Experience greater control and save time and the expense of outsourcing, testing, or optimizing ICC profiles. You can precisely calibrate your printer to deliver accurate, consistent color on your choice of paper.

Providing the ultimate in flexibility and consistency, the HP Designjet Z3100 24-inch Photo Printer enables you to print consistently on a wide range of papers. Print on your preferred HP paper and other commercially available paper such as Hahnemuhle papers and get the same color accuracy and consistency you expect.

Creating ICC profiles can be a complex, manual process with printing, drying, and scanning color patches using specialized software and expensive hardware. HP’s embedded spectrophotometer with i1 color technology and an automated workflow bring simplicity and reliability to accurate profiling and precision printer calibration. Now, you can express your vision on even more HP and commercially available papers. HP’s Advanced Profiling Solution offers additional options for profiling and calibrating your system.

Don’t get stuck having to use expensive proprietary paper or paper that’s not easily obtainable. With the large format HP Designjet Z3100 24-inch Photo Printer, you can use any paper you want–choosing from the wide variety of HP papers, Hahnemuhle papers, or other commercially available papers. This flexibility offers more versatility in the types of output you produce and means cost savings over time.

This HP Designjet provides complete coverage of SWOP, ISO, GRACOL, EUROSCALE, TOYO, and FOGRA gamuts for color accuracy in pre-press applications.