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HP’s DesignJet 130nr


Used HP DesignJet 130nr for sale!

HP’s DesignJet 130, a 24″-wide, photo-quality inkjet printer, is aimed squarely at the photography and design market. This six-color, dye-based DesignJet 130 produces high-quality large-format printing.

While you might not look at the DesignJet 130 and immediately think “small”, it has a surprisingly economical footprint for a large-format printer. Measuring 41.3″ x 35.4″ x 8.7″ and weighing 48.5 pounds, the DesignJet 130 actually has a smaller footprint than some other printers that print 18″ or 20″ wide. While it’s plainly a very wide machine, it’s relatively shallow depth means you can put it against a wall without making your room an obstacle course.

Calibration and Printing Speeds
The DesignJet 130 includes a built-in calibrator that tunes your specific unit for each type of paper that HP provides. This closed-loop calibration system is designed to get the DesignJet 130 printing properly when used with the driver’s built-in color system, and to assure more consistent printing from unit to unit. Every time you change print heads, you must recalibrate the printer for each paper type. This calibration process also ensures better print-to-print consistency over time. Because the printer can calibrate itself, an image you print a year from now will look like an image that you output today.

The DesignJet 130 yields excellent output. Colors are bright and pretty, and the printer’s gamut is surprisingly large, reaching well into the reds and greens that are often difficult for a 6-color printer. What’s more, the printer yields excellent continuous tone, even in highlight areas where 6-color printers often shown printer dots, the 130 showed smooth texture and tone. The DesignJet 130’s most noticeable trait is the blackness of the black ink. The DesignJet 130 prints incredibly black blacks, and this gives it a very nice overall contrast range.