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Mini Lab

A digital minilab is a computer printer that uses traditional chemical photographic processes to make prints from digital images. Photographs are input to the digital minilab using a built-in film scanner that captures images from negative and positive photographic films (including mounted slides), flatbed scanners, a kiosk that accepts CD-ROMs or memory cards from a digital camera, or a website that accepts uploads. The operator can make many corrections such as brightness or color saturation, contrast, scene lighting color correction, sharpness and cropping. A laser, LCD/LED, or Micro Light Valve Array (MLVA) then exposes photographic paper with the image, which is then processed by the minilab just as if it had been exposed from a negative.

Some minilabs have a print resolution of 520dpi, accepts BMP, JPEG, and TIFF formats, and can print up to 8in by 12in. The two most popular brands that we deal with include Noritsu and Fuji. These are world renown as the best and it’s no surprise that Noritsu and Fuji announced a strategic alliance. Since 2006 Noritsu has been manufacturing all of Fuji’s minilab equipment.