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Fuji Frontier 330


The Frontier 330 Has Full-Digital Image Quality in a Super-Compact Minilab  

With a footprint of only 1.2 square meters, the Frontier 330 is the ideal solution for placement in a smaller retail space. It can also be tucked into the corner of a larger, multi-use retail setting or used as an additional unit to supplement existing processing capability. The Frontier 330 offers the full range of Frontier services – from standard photo processing in a variety of film sizes to special format print product such as ID photos, enlargement prints (up to 8RW / A4 in size), photo greeting cards and many other choices.

The Frontier 330 is also ready with advanced digital options – producing high-quality prints from digital still cameras or from computer-manipulated images stored on various digital media. The Frontier 330 was engineered to make every aspect of production as simple and automated as possible, so that anyone could create beautiful, optimally processed prints without complicated procedures. Day-to-day production is simple and straightforward and maintenance operations are designed to be as clean and simple as possible.

The Frontier 330 Meets All Your Customer’s Needs

The Frontier 330 combines the scanning processor and laser printer into a single unit, yet in spite of its size, it delivers the same outstanding print quality that Frontier owners and their customers have come to expect. It offers users an extensive range of digital image processing functions – with features such as Scratch and Dust Elimination – that make a visible difference in the photo quality. This process uses as an infrared light to pinpoint any dust or scratch on the film surface. The infrared light disperses as it passes through any alien objects, making it possible to detect their location.

  • With Fuji’s proprietary Scratch and Dust Elimination, film defects are pinpointed and eliminated to provide exceptionally high quality prints.
  • Cross-over rack auto cleaning – reduces the labor to manually clean the cross-over racks to once a week instead of everyday.
  • Small footprint.
  • Processing capacity of approximately 650 prints per hour for the 3R size and 570 prints per hour at the 4R size.
  • Print sizes range from 3R (3.5 x 1.5 inches {89 x 127mm}) to 8R (8 x 12 inches {203 x 305mm}).
  • Digital exposure with solid state lasers and Fujifilm’s advanced Image Intelligence™ image processing technology ensure high quality prints.