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Noritsu 35 Series



Noritsu QSS-3501i PLUS

Noritsu QSS-3501 PLUS

Noritsu QSS-3502 PLUS


Noritsu M300
The QSS-3501i PLUS, QSS-3501 PLUS, and QSS-3502 PLUS,are innovative additions to the highly popular QSS-35 series. The new QSS-3501i/3501/3502 PLUS is a user-friendly, efficient, cost-effective minilab system that combines the same basic features as the QSS-35 series with even more features that meet a wide variety of customer needs, such as the ability to form a network connecting multiple printers, and a versatile layout in which the operation section (PC, monitor, scanner etc.) can be separated from the printer.

High quality print engines Noritsu Koki’s laser engine is used for the QSS-3501/3502 PLUS and an iBeam engine is used for the QSS-3501i PLUS. Both produce vivid, high quality prints of 300dpi.

Flexible layout

You can choose which side to operate the machine from, and the components can be separated and placed in various layouts, giving you more freedom to use the system in a way that best fits your available floor space. Furthermore you can also adjust the height by raising the table up to 20cm.


“AccuSmart™” image processing technology employed

Noritsu AccuSmart technology enables you to easily portray the natural beauty of the scene as viewed by the photographer when the picture is taken. This advanced technology not only provides superb quality for well photographed images, it also applies appropriate correction to less-than-perfect shots, resulting in extremely high quality prints regardless of the image source.

A selection of new film scanners to choose from (film scanners sold separately)

With the QSS-35 PLUS series, you have three new film scanners to choose from. The HS-1800 supports a wide variety of film including 120, and the LS-600/LS-1100 support only 135 and IX240 film. You can also choose not
to add a scanner, and instead use the QSS-3501i/3501/3502 PLUS as a stand-alone printer.

New operation software “EZ Controller” (sold separately)

The EZ Controller gives you the ability to easily perform many important functions such as PJP, value-added print creation, order management, and image correction. Furthermore, pictures are used to explain many of the instructions for start up checks and shut down checks, and warning messages are easy to locate and read.

Setup prints taken care of automatically

The colorimeter is built into the processor. This enables the setup print to be automatically inserted into the colorimeter after it comes out of the dryer unit, eliminating the need for manual operations. Also, the QSS-35 PLUS series has a new option called the “Control Strip Auto Loading Unit” that automatically processes control strips.

Interrupted orders signified by LED lamp

LED lamps on the order sorter (Standard for QSS-3502 PLUS. Option for QSS-3501i/3501 PLUS.) are used to indicate which orders have been interrupted and which print trays the interrupted orders are in.

Rapid processing

When purchasing a QSS-35 PLUS minilab you can specify a rapid processing system which uses specified chemicals to achieve a reduced processing time, opening the door for an on-the-spot print service where the customers can drop off their media and pick up their prints a single visit. Note: Only specified chemicals and paper can be used.

Prints up to 914.4mm (36 inches) long

The standard maximum paper advance length is 610mm, and this can be extended to 914.4mm if you add an option, making it possible to provide a wide variety of print services.

QSS-3501/3502PLUS only

Dual/Triple Magazines (Factory option)

The dual and triple magazine systems enable labs that make various size prints to set multiple paper sizes at the same time. Magazine changes are quick and easy.

An array of options

The QSS-35 PLUS series supports the MD-2 Unit, Bravo II/Rimage CD writers, DVD writing and many other options to provide a scalable system that allows you to add new services as needed.

Can be converted into a one pass system (Optional attachment units required)

The film processor (QSF-T15) and the scanner (LS-600/LS-1100) can be combined into a single unit enabling the film to be automatically fed into the scanner as it comes out of the processor. This all-in-one configuration automates the entire process from 135 film development to printing, enabling unattended operation.

NoteOne pass processing is only possible with 135 film.


Film Formats

LS-600/1100 . 135,
IX240 HS-1800 135, IX240, 110, 120, 220

Film Types Negative, Positive, Black and White
Print Size
Paper width
82.5 to 210mm (up to 203mm for QSS-3501i PLUS)
Paper advance length

82.5 to 610mm

(An option can be added to the QSS-3501/3502 PLUS to increase the maximum paper advance length to 914.4mm)

Compatible input media Standard FD, CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM

CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD Card, Memory Stick, xD-Picture

Compatible output



CD-R, CD-RW, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, SD Card, Memory Stick, Microdrive, xD-Picture, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM, etc

(Approximate) Processing
capacity (prints/hr)

135 negative
/ positive (24exp)

No panoramas intermixed.

With index prints.

Print size

Scanner Noritsu 3501i PLUS Noritsu 3501 PLUS Noritsu 3502 PLUS
X 127mm
600 600 600
630 670 1,110
630 670 1,200

X 152mm

530 580 600
530 580 1,040
530 580 1,040

Digital camera
(6 megapixels)

With digital camera correction.

X 89mm

(QSS-3502PLUS: W89 X 127mm)



X 102mm

(QSS-3502PLUS: 102 X 152mm)


Capacity calculated according to our criteria. The actual capacity you achieve may be different.

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